• Image of Ranchu Goldfish Candle
  • Image of Ranchu Goldfish Candle
  • Image of Ranchu Goldfish Candle
  • Image of Ranchu Goldfish Candle
  • Image of Ranchu Goldfish Candle

Ranchu goldfish is known as the king of the Japanese, its greatest feature is no dorsal fin, swimming twisting when Yuangun body and chubby cheeks, very lovable. Ranchu characteristic rapid end portion bent downward, showing the egg-shaped body, and the head of red clouds of sarcoma, short fins, swim quite lovely.

Painted painting
eye candle to candle in the long-term cooperation with Taiwan Hand Workshop, painting after painting of technology transfer and coordination of several years of communication, aesthetics, the use of lead-free paint quality to ensure that does not produce toxic substances when burned, and the layers of dichroic fog lights surface techniques used to make the final brush dotting animals more vivid, to make the process quality design products.

The finer things in life
Lucky goldfish has always had to mean, no more than a taste of the fish tank goldfish candle fragrance, do not change the water feed to feed, the most suitable for lazy people.

Capacity -300ml
Contents - the material is transparent jelly wax candle goldfish is modeling the whole can burn.

1. may cause the jelly wax inclined condition in the process send goods, receive goods if this positive situation, please put the bottle, after a while, it will restore the original appearance of goods.
2. Because of the nature jelly wax than a sudden cold intolerance, such as the temperature fluctuated considerably, and the overall temperature is low, there will be some sporadic jelly wax spray condition, after warmer temperatures should be back to normal, if you want a short time transparency, you can use hot water immersion (do not use too much hot water), or use a hair dryer heating to be moderately ignited it will become transparent jelly wax again. (This product is a waxy product, different from the general furnishings)
3. The candles are all handmade, slightly bubble is all commodity normal.
Origin/manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade