• Image of Heart In Jar Candle
  • Image of Heart In Jar Candle
  • Image of Heart In Jar Candle

EYE LAB collection presents the perfect combination of candles in various shapes and gel candles.
This candle comprises of a heart-shaped candle placed in a glass container to give the appearance of a specimen jar that’s commonly found in labs. When lit, the candle exhibits a unique eerie coziness ambiance, especially with the flame reflecting off the structure of the heart. A special gift choice for your loved ones.

Candle Details:
height ≈ 11cm
capacity ≈ 150ml

1. Trim the wick. (Maintain the wick at about 1/4 inch every time before lighting up the candle.)
2. Place the candle on a stable table or platform.
3. Clear the area around the candle. Remove all flammable objects around.
4. Light the wick.
5. Burn within sight.

All eye candle products are HAND MADE IN TAIWAN.